Fifth Day (Teacher’s Assistant)

DATE: January 25, 2019

  Today, I was told my cooperating teacher to do my demo teaching. I was shocked because I am not prepared since I haven’t practice what will I say or how am I going to teach it. Fortunately, my materials are ready. I went to the classroom and prepare my materials. When I start my lesson, I was about to cry because my students are not participating. They are shy to participate because they are not confident to speak in English and some of them don’t know how to speak English. Luckily, they have phones with them. I said that it is okay to bring out their phones and use the google translate instead, for us to understand each other and for them to participate in the lesson. Thankfully, my cooperating teacher suggested that, because if I did my final demonstration right away, I think I might have failed my teaching demonstration. After I teach them, I am planning another strategy to help my students understand me and to help them participate in my discussions.
Grade 6 students brainstorming for their collaborative activity

Lessons Learned:

Today, I’ve learned that with the right practice, it will help you to improve. Because when you practice something, you will see the mistakes that you have committed. From that, you will be able to correct those mistakes and be able to improve and enhance it more to be the best.

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