Last Day (SDN84 Kendari)

DATE: February 1, 2019

Faculties of SDN84 Kendari

Today, is my last day at SDN84 kendari. I arrived at the school at 7:00 in the morning and I have witnessed the teachers and students praying. Because every Friday, they are going to pray as a whole. After the prayer, the students will go back to the classrooms and continue the lesson. I came back to say goodbye to them and also take pictures as a remembrance. Little did I know that my students prepare a lot of gifts for me. I was very happy because I didn’t know that they appreciate me as their teacher. They are all thankful and so am I. However, my students are crying because they don’t want me to go home. I think that is a part of being a teacher. The sadness that you will leave to students and vice versa.

The students of SDN84 Kendari praying together with their teachers.

Lessons Learned:

  Today, I’ve learned that being a teacher is both privilege and sadness at the
same time. Privilege to teach other students be able to share your knowledge to make them become a good citizen in the future. However, there’s always a point
in our lives that we need to let them go and say our goodbyes. Sadly, I am not
there for good and I was just given one month stay to teach in Indonesia. I still
hope that I will come back in Indonesia to meet and to teach them again. I am
thankful to FEU for this opportunity that was given to me. I did not just finish my demo teaching but of course I brought a lot of happy memories and new
experiences from Indonesia.        

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