Second Day (Actual Teaching)

DATE: January 29, 2019

Grade 6 students on thinking board. – Writing their thoughts regarding the benefits of Education

Today, I teach leadership to the students. I teach them the kind of educations such as informal, formal, and non-formal education. Since my materials have a Bahasa Indonesia translation, students are able to understand the things that I am talking about. I always give them collaborative activities for them to develop critical thinking and be able to do brainstorming. Every student that will participate will have a star as a reward. The students are very happy to receive a star. It was also mentioned by the supervisor who observed me during my final demo teaching. That giving a star to students will help them more active in the class because they have something to show to their parents at home. 

Lessons Learned:

Today, I’ve learned that every struggle that I might face, there are always answers to overcome it. As a tamaraw student teacher, I was able to overcome the struggles that I encountered during my stay in Indonesia. Because I believed that FEU has given me the quality education that I will need in my stay here and of course in my future career. I am proud to say that I am a tamaraw student and I got the chance to represent my university in other country.

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